Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This TV Commercial took 3 years and two US invasions in the Middle East to produce. The idea was conceived during the first invasion but we couldn't sell it to any of our clients. We finally managed to sell the idea to EON during the second war. Budget was non-existent though. So what we did was produced it ourselves, literally. We nicked footages off old war movies and edited it at Pixelpost Production with the lovely Kenny Khoo and begged Imaginex Studios for the sound effects.


Yet another favourite. The Makcik was such a joy to work with. Shooting began at 5am on Saturday and went on to 5am on Sunday, with no break. At around 2am on Sunday morning, Makcik actually asked the director why couldn't he just "copy and paste?" Lovely old dear.

Early Treatment

Everyone knows dengue kills but not many were doing anything about it. So we tried a different approach. To appeal to the emotions of the parents instead. Who would want to live with the knowledge that they caused their child's death?

I'm not overly fond of long TV commercials though. After the novelty is gone, it gets old pretty quick.

So fast one?

One of my favourites. Charming. An exaggeration of course. But you've got to be pretty daft to take it literally, no?


This TV Commercial had to be re-shot after it went on air for reasons I'm not willing to put down here. Suffice to say, the original version was crisper.


Who says you can't make effective ads with a low budget? Simple proposition, simple idea, simple production. Yet the message is loud and clear. Idea derived from my favourite Malaysian icon, Datuk Lat.